Drift Hunters 2

[UP]: Gas.
[DOWN]: Brake.
[LEFT]: Steer left.
[RIGHT]: Steer right.
[SPACEBAR]: Hand brake.
[C]: Change camera.
[LEFT SHIFT]: Shift up gear.
[LEFT CTRL]: Shift down gear.

Make combo drifts and get highest score for your actions. Unlock and tune up new cars to make even better drifts. More than 40 different drift cars are available to choose from.

Drift Hunters 2 : Game Description

Drift Hunters 2

Most of the drift games that I played online had a pretty simple gameplay and you needed just a few minutes to understand how to make drift and get high score. In Drift Hunters 2 you will need hours of practice to achieve success because this game is based on the basic rules of physics and have really good graphics. So let me introduce the second edition of the popular drift game which is now available at our website. There are several factors which make the Drift Hunters top drift game today and I will explain all of them. In this game you can drive up to 40 legendary drift cars but all of them are locked at the beginning of your journey. You must earn some drift points to unlock them. There are also some options to upgrade the parts of your car - gearbox,engine and so on. You can also paint your car and tune it up but I will speak about this below. The game offers 3 different tracks which are suitable for drift. All of them are rather difficult and you will need some time to understand how to control your drifting car.

How To Play Drift Hunters 2?

Before you start playing the game, let me explain the basic menu options.
Cars - in this section you can select your cars. Keep in mind that at the beginning of the game you have only one car available, other cars yet to be unlocked.
Parts - here you can upgrade the parts of the selected car. Try to upgrade engine and gearbox first.
Tuning - here you can adjust the suspension of your car, make it higher or lower and select some other options. This section is for those who really knows about the following parts.
Visurals - here you can change the look of your car and also change the rims.

When you enter the track your mission is to make your car slide in drift and earn points. The best way to get more points is to make a combo drift - several drifts without hitting anything. When you hit anything on the track or just stop the car, the drift points go to zero. You will need a lot of practice to create even one drift combo. Enjoy the full version of Drift Hunters 2 Unblocked at school for free.

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